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Be Intentional with your Connections

Let’s face it, when it’s time to make some changes we look at ways we can stay as close to comfortable when we are working to improve oursevles.   But have you noticed how the energy today seems to be strangling us? 

It almost seems like we are being cut off from positive people and the good in this world, as if there is no real places of comfort anymore. It’s because we stop being consistent in our own acts of kindness to strangers or being the light for others during confused and dark times. We have become consumed with ensuring our own level of comfort, that We have forgotten the power of new relationships that grow us and can sometimes increase the postive energy around us.

We have to be intentional about growing in understanding and tolerance. We have step out and take a chance to find new people to enhance our circles.  And in order for that to  take place, we have to be Intentional with our  Connections. 

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