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Defining your Ambition(Part I)

Do you know where you're going to?

Do you like the results your plan is showing you? These questions tie directly to whether or not you have appropriately defined your ambition or if maybe you need to fine tune it a little. Ambition to most people means having a strong desire or need to achieve something. And it typically requires one to use more determination and hard work than the regular effort we put forth towards menial daily tasks. So how do we define our Ambition? With introspect, gathered resources and a plan. You First need to think of Ambition as the premium fuel in your tank that pushes you to strive for excellence and sustainable success. Next you have to get personal. You have to take some time to do some searching. And we do that by looking deep within not around and to others, just within. This is very important because the details of your plan can't evolve without understanding your own perspective. You really have to take stock at your personal motives, which heavily reside in your conscious and truth be told your soul. 

And it requires the willingness to be introspective.  Meaning you take the time to examine your inner most thoughts and feelings to get most important perspective, yours.  So let's begin with how to look inward and examine our personal motives. Ask yourself why is this desire the focus? What is pushing you to consider making alterations in your work or personal life to obtain it? What does the end result look like? Will you feel accomplished enough when you achieve it or will you need to keep going? And really what is the IT? Tons of questions to ask yourself right? But if you don't take the step to actually answer the questions honestly and for yourself, you won't be living authentically and the success you seek will feel on the lighter side. There will be always be a question of is this it?? Almost like a kind of residue that you missed out or short changed yourself. Now dont get me wrong, it's still a win, just the feeling of "YES!!!!" at the completion may not have as many exclamation marks at the end that you were hoping for. So the challenge is to give it your all even when you think the answer are done, dig as deep as you can get. And aren't you worth it? For now focus on your Why.  

In the next part we will focus on building upon and gathering the resources and the last part will be developing the plan for our Ambition. Remember Ambition is personal. Do it for you and because YOU deserve it! 

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