Creating a Personal and Successful Winner’s Circle to Stay In

Creating a Personal and Successful Winner’s Circle to Stay In

Have you ever noticed how people can sometimes confuse success with winning? They measure their personal and individual accomplishments in absolutes like 3 outs and you move to bottom or top of an inning and eventually you’re done. What they fail to see is winning is part of an effective yet successful planned race. 

In life, we need to focus on more than just the immediate win.  We need to look at how we create a succession or legacy of winning to attain sustainable victories.  Long term successful winning is achieved when we set and maintain the pace for ourselves.  The foundation for building success is formed when we realize that we are no longer in competition with anyone else.  It’s ok to admire what someone has worked hard to do.  We can appreciate, and we can aspire to be similar to others who have charted a path for themselves that looks fruitful, but in the end, we should remember that is their journey.

So how do we create successes that keep us in the elusive Winner’s Circle?

When we individually focus on setting our own goals to obtain and continue to strive to complete new ones, we are winning and successful.  Every day we have the chance to believe first in ourselves and that we have solidified a secure foundation to achieve whatever we wish to focus on.  And when we seize those opportunities we are always winning, and successful.   And that is the best personal achievement we can.

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