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Renew Refresh and Refuel Your Spirit

It is a new year and time to fill your spirit up, so you can live the life you are meant to. This means putting you first and sometimes that can be hard. Look at the list of Me-tasks to consider and create your daily routine.

  • Try to get the same amount of sleep each night.

  • Drink Plenty of Water.

  • Meal Plan your meals.

  • Create a fun patrol.

  • Take time for yourself 30 minutes a day.

Sleeping regularly allows your body to develop a routine of its own and properly re energize during the time of rest. Water is a must. Our bodies need a balanced state of hydration and by drinking plenty of water it keeps the organs healthy. Meal planning has many benefits. It creates a structure for your eating habits, but it also allows you to be purposeful about how you fuel your body. Join friends in regular fun times. Create or surround yourself with people who value laughing and the power togetherness for healing the soul. Stop and take the time to breathe through challenges, to mentally center yourself or simply to recharge throughout the day. 30 minutes to yourself strategically taken can make all the difference for renewing your own spirit.

At the end of the day you depend on you to heal so remember to Renew, Refresh and Refuel.

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